Post-production tools for 3D movies

Quantel post-production tools have already been chosen for some of Hollywood's most successful 3D movies, including Avatar and the live-action Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, Jackass 3D, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, Final Destination 3D and Yogi Bear 3D.

Quantel Pablo and iQ are first choice for post-production for stereo 3d movies. They enable a director to make the most of s3d content with these tools:

  • Stereo3D timeline – view or work each eye individually or together
  • Stereo3D convergence adjustment – live adjustment of stereo convergence to optimise viewer comfort
  • Editing – both streams simultaneously or fix sync issues by adjusting only one eye
  • Comparison – helping analyse and solve problems quickly
  • Keystoning and color balance correction tools – fix common acquisition problems quickly and accurately
  • Titling – easily add captions and position them in z-space
  • Realtime record and playback – for use with realtime devices such as the HDCAM SRW1

Why use Quantel to make a 3D movie?

Make a 3D movie with Quantel and you get more than an unmatched toolset. We've focused on delivering high quality results, maximum throughput and productivity, efficient data handling and guaranteed playback. And because Quantel provides an integrated workflow, you can do more in one place, with less compromise which means a better end result.

Make 3D movie trailers

We've risen to the challenge of making 3D movie trailers quickly and efficiently. The same tools that are so great for post-production for Stereo 3D movies provide the high productivity and fast turn-around demanded by movie trailer schedules.

Find out more about using Quantel in post-production for stereo 3D movies.

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