S3D – adding an extra dimension

Stereo 3D is a technology you can't ignore. It's an established and profitable business area, in which a new S3D movie is currently being released every 10 days. And, in broadcast, the take-up has been been equally impressive, as leading broadcasters have seen the revenue opportunities from Stereo 3d content.

Makers of some of the highest profile S3D movies, such as Avatar, Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, Jackass 3D, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, Final Destination 3D and Yogi Bear 3D have chosen Quantel for their 3D production workflow.

Stereo 3D. The breakthrough

Quantel was the first to recognise that S3D could be a profit-making opportunity for its customers. Back in 2007, we became the first company to deliver a workflow that enabled post and DI houses to make 3D stereo a practical, money-making proposition. And in 2010, Quantel delivered a second Stereo 3D breakthrough – the world's first complete S3D broadcast production workflow.

From Quantel, Pablo and iQ are the industry's first choice for Stereo 3D post-production. Sid, Quantel's 'just for 3D' workstation completes our S3D post-production range.

3d stereo is a profit opportunity that's here to stay

With Quantel's 3D stereo workflows, S3D moves from high-budget movies into the world of broadcast and commercials. Much of the 2010 soccer World Cup was broadcast in S3D, and an increasing number of sports events are being broadcast in 3D stereo.

Following on from 3D broadcasts to sports bars, 3D broadcasting to the home is expanding rapidly, just three years on from when broadcasters started to consider 3D Stereo programming. What an indication of customer acceptance and pent-up demand!

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