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White Papers

IP Routing - 10 facts you need to know

IP routing promises to deliver new levels of flexibility, scalability and connectivity - but making the wrong choices now could be expensive. Our short guide lays out the facts you need to know.

Off-the-shelf IP Routing Switchers in the Hybrid IP/SDI Television Broadcast Environment

This White paper investigates the arguments for moving to IP routing and the possibilities this can open up for media organizations. What are the potential benefits? Off the shelf or dedicated hardware? Is a hybrid environment viable to enable a transition over time, or is a complete lift-out and refit required? Is clean switching necessary or even desirable in some cases? Can compression play a role? What are the cost implications? Read on for the full picture on IP routing.

Genetic Engineering 2 - a shared workflow infrastructure for multi-suite, high resolution post production

The need for teamworking in high quality post continues to grow as deadlines get shorter and post budgets continue to shrink. Post production houses need to be able to utilize all of their resources to the fullest possible extent to create the maximum amount of client-facing (and so billable) time from each and every system and person.Genetic Engineering 2 delivers on all fronts.

What is a video server and why do I need one

Video servers are the backbone of many broadcast production operations – but are you getting the most out of yours? Quantel Director of Broadcast, Trevor Francis, investigates why a good production server means good business for broadcasters.

Intersite workflows - how to produce better stories, faster

Successful news and sport production needs both speed to air and compelling stories to deliver content that engages audiences. InterSite workflows enable broadcasters square these competing challenges and produce great content, quickly.

The benefits of Edge Browse in an Enterprise sQ system

The rapid move from video ingest to file-based transfers is bringing new benefits and efficiencies to broadcast systems. This brief paper outlines some changes in design and workflow assumptions in order to make the most out of new product features, like Edge Browse.

The Internet of Frames

The Internet of Frames has the power to do for stored media what Google and other search engines have done for the internet. That is, provide an index of all media assets owned by an organisation and create references to them which are independent of their location. Just as Google allows us to type in random words and return matches which may be stored on any server in the world, so Quantel users will be able to do the same with stored media.

Stream-based workflows for agile content creation

Stream-based workflows are emerging as a natural evolution of file-based workflows, providing increased agility and flexibility for content creation teams by bringing together the advantages of both legacy video workflows and file-based workflows. This white paper looks at the history of video and file-based workflows and what they have taught us, and discusses the benefits that a stream-based approach can offer our industry.

Building a shared infrastructure for high-end post

This paper describes how Quantel is re-engineering Genetic Engineering for the COTS post world. It covers the technical challenges involved, the new requirements for post today and introduces the architecture of the new Genetic Engineering 2.

Audio Loudness

This whitepaper introduces the subject of audio loudness and outlines how Quantel’s integration with the NUGEN VisLM Loudness Meter enables users to manage loudness across an edited timeline, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Working with files from the Sony F65 Camera

The Sony F65 is one of the new high resolution and high dynamic range cameras that are replacing film for theatrical production and also finding applications in broadcast. In addition to conventional video outputs the F65 supports a complete file-based workflow. This Application Note details the workflow and options for working with F65 images in the Quantel Pablo Rio V2.0 environment.

An introduction to ACES on Quantel

The Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) is an initiative from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) that delivers a standard, future-proof color space. ACES enables consistent color rendition in pipelines including any combination of ACES-compliant cameras, processing and display devices both now and in the future. This White Paper introduces ACES and details how Pablo supports ACES and integrates into ACES pipelines.

QTube Global Media Workflow

QTube technology has the potential to change the way we work in media production – joining people, content and workflows, wherever they are.This White Paper explains how. It is a must-read if you want to understand where the future lies - in global media workflows

Mission White Paper

This White Paper describes the technical design and operational features of Quantel’s ‘Mission’ asset management system. Our customers wanted a cost-effective and highly-integrated solution provided within the familiar Quantel user experience. The Mission solution is scalable to meet the requirements of all but the largest broadcast installations.

Stereo3D post production - five tips for a great result every time

This white paper looks at the ingredients necessary to produce a great result in stereoscopic 3D. There's no substitute for well-shot material, a great stereo pipeline and toolset and an interactive workflow that works with the client.

Tracking media assets in a shared-storage production system

Why a robust Identity model is essential

Suivi des informations lies aux mdias dans un systme de production de stockage partag

Pourquoi une solution solide d'identité est essentielle

Stereo3D Entertainment for the 21st Century

What is it? How does it work? How hard is it to do? When can we get it? Why are some people against it and are they right? These questions and more discussed at length.

Genetic Engineering White Paper

Find out how our new teamworking infrastructure for post and DI can provide a truly collaborative workflow with enormous throughput gains for your facility.

The Digital Revolution is happening in news - what are the choices

This special report was commissioned to look into the implementation of new technologies in news production and delivery. It raises questions, answers others and highlights some key issues in this complex area.

Broadcast News - how technology architecture choices impact business

In this White Paper we will compare Quantel news technology architecture with other architectures on the market today. Quantel news systems start from as little as $199k and can scale from very compact to very large. All Quantel systems include unique technologies that have direct business driven benefits for any news operation, whatever their size.

Shared HD workflows for Post and Broadcast

This paper provides a general introduction to Quantel's shared workflow solutions for the Post and Broadcast markets. It contrasts the differing requirements for file sizes, workgroup numbers and production timescales between these two sectors and describes how Quantel's unique Identity-based storage model brings common benefits to both.

Workflows partages SD/HD en Postproduction et Television

Ce document propose une introduction générale au workflow partagé proposé par Quantel en postproduction et télévision. Il met aussi en lumière les différences et particularités liées à ces deux secteurs que ce soit la taille des fichiers traités, le nombre d'utilisateurs ou les délais de fabrication et comment le modèle unique à Quantel de gestion de l'identité sur le stockage apporte des bénéfices à ces deux secteurs.