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From being an exciting new growth business opportunity for post houses and film laboratories, Digital Intermediate has rapidly grown to become the dominant technique for film post production around the world. No wonder; the DI process is a proven workflow that delivers higher quality movies, that enables new creative tools and above all makes the process more cost-effective.


Unmatched track record

Quantel pioneered the digital intermediate workflow when it introduced iQ in 2001. Since then, Quantel systems have touched well over 1000 movies, many of which have won awards from Golden Globes and Baftas to Oscars.


Staying ahead

Today, Quantel customers continue to lead the way in DI with Pablo and Pablo Rio, putting them to work on a massive range of features, trailers and deliverables. Handling everything from conform and grade to VFX, from Pre-vis to sub-titles and from editing through to all the different versions, the all round abilities of Quantel systems help their owners make money in DI.




new Pablo

A revolution in choice - Pablo Rio
Software high-quality color and finishing system that wraps up all the power and capabilities of Pablo into a software solution that runs on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering 2: better teamworking; more productive post
Workflow is the number one issue facing post houses today. Genetic Engineering 2 is all about workflow.

Pablo PA

Pablo PA - conform, preparation and workflow software
Pablo PA is a software only system designed to boost the productivity of color and finishing systems by enabling time consuming tasks to be performed out of the main suite without sacrificing speed and flexibility.


Looking for that very special effect? Check out the plug-ins for your Quantel system. There are more than 1000 different plug-ins available.