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Media Asset Management

The volume of media the broadcaster needs to handle today is growing rapidly. Finding, choosing and versioning that media across multiple formats and platforms is a problem that needs a solution. Enter Mission, Quantel’s integrated Media Asset Management solution.

Fully integrated

Mission makes asset management a fully integrated part of the media handling process, not a layer bolted on top of it. Mission brings full asset management, search, retrieve and deploy capabilities to every connected desktop – producer, director, librarian, journalist, editor, legal – with Mission, all get the media they need, when they need it and how they want it.



Mission sits right across Quantel server systems and archives, providing an overarching asset management layer that gives full access to all material held, both on and offline. Mission system components include web browsing, archiving, media import/export and transcoding.




Mission: integrated media and asset management
Mission provides a totally integrated media asset management facility for Enterprise sQ systems that maximizes the potential and value of every media asset.

sQ Record

sQ Workflow
Quantel delivers an array of applications that are all designed to enhance workflow, interoperability and connectivity for its Enterprise sQ systems.