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Equally as important as the quality of the products themselves is the care with which a company supports them and its customers. Quantel invests a huge amount of effort and resources in ensuring that customers benefit from the full weight of Quantel’s experience in specifying systems to meet their needs in full. We then do everything to ensure that the products continue to perform and deliver, and their users receive the best possible training and on-going support.


Quantel’s QCare customer support program is recognised around the world as being one of the finest there is in any industry at any level. It is available in a choice of three off the shelf packages or as a custom-designed program to exactly match your business requirements.


Quantel’s 35+ years’ experience in mission critical broadcast and post environments means early consultation with our experts on any project should be an automatic choice.


Quantel’s training programs help you to get the very most out of your investment with us and also helps to provide a pool of Quantel-trained creative talent for your business. The programs available cover operator and engineering needs for organisations working with Quantel systems as well as training for freelancers.


Professional services: a partnership built on your needs
Quantel offers a full system design and implementation consultancy service alongside its products.

Compass training

Quantel Training
Quantel's Training programs cover operational and engineering needs for in-house staff and freelance creative talent.