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Stereo3D Case Study

Stereo3D Case Study






Quantel offers advanced Stereo3D technology as an integrated part of the Pablo and Pablo Rio toolset. 


Pablo 3D



Complete Stereo3D broadcast workflow

Quantel's world-leading Enterprise sQ server based production system supports Stereo3D content right through the pipeline from ingest to desktop editing and craft editing to playout. This development delivers the same great Quantel Enterprise sQ workflow that is relied on by so many broadcasters around the world, but now for the first time working with Stereo3D content.


In keeping with Quantel’s commitment to providing its customers with great value and extended returns on their investment in Quantel systems, all existing Enterprise sQ systems are upgradeable to support Stereo3D operation as well as new installations; Stereo3D and 2D material can co-exist on the same server.








new Pablo

A revolution in choice - Pablo Rio
Software high-quality color and finishing system that wraps up all the power and capabilities of Pablo into a software solution that runs on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware.

Enterprise sQ

Enterprise sQ - fast-turnaround production
Enterprise-wide broadcast server systems that deliver a complete workflow solution that gives stunning results on air, web and mobile media devices, delivered faster and more efficiently than any other system available.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering 2: better teamworking; more productive post
Workflow is the number one issue facing post houses today. Genetic Engineering 2 is all about workflow.


Looking for that very special effect? Check out the plug-ins for your Quantel system. There are more than 1000 different plug-ins available.


SynthIA is a new standalone software package that provides professional high quality S3D Interaxial adjustment in Post.