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Quantel Training

TrainingQuantel offers a series of customised solutions to provide people with the skills to use and manage Quantel systems to their full potential.


All courses have core elements and a series of options which are delivered with a flexible approach, allowing training to be adapted to the workflow and needs of each customer. 


We offer training for both Server Systems and Post Production solutions which can be provided at Quantel's Headquarters in the UK or, subject to conditions, at a customer's site.  These are further divided into Operational and Engineering courses.


A flexible, dynamic approach

Operator training is practical and task based, using material and methods relevant to the proposed working practices.  In addition, detailed discussion of roles and responsibilities in the new system are encouraged and advice on establishing new working practices can be provided.  This includes developing house rules and a naming convention which reflects the needs of all departments involved in using the system.


Train the trainer

In Server Systems it can be more effective to deliver training as a 'Train the Trainer' approach where key users are trained in a concentrated initial period.  These skills can then be applied to provide a series of internal courses over a longer period of time.  Trainers can be selective about the areas they cover or the methods they suggest to their colleagues, allowing a dynamic approach to long term internal delivery.  Designating the right people to be trained when using a Train the Trainer strategy is key and advice can be given on the most effective way to approach this.  Alternatively, Quantel Trainers can provide this service on a short or long term basis.


Providing a high quality service

Engineering training builds on the knowledge base of the engineers attending to enable them to provide effective front line support, ensuring maximum productivity from the Quantel system.  The initial stages in any course involve an appreciation of the specific features designed in the customer environment.  The course then explores the way in which customer workflow's are handled by the hardware and software subsystems.  There is a strong practical bias which enables engineers to follow standard procedures in fault finding and maintaining system operation.