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About Quantel


qQuantel's mission is to be the world leader in content creation, versioning and delivery systems; providing the most powerful and efficient tools for the digital age that enable our customers to tell their stories in the most compelling ways possible from anywhere and across every platform.


Quantel products deliver at SD, HD, 2K, 4K and beyond. They unite the very best of IT technology with super-powered image processing hardware and brilliant software. Quantel fast-turnaround production systems give broadcasters the creative, productive and flexible workflows they need to stay ahead in today's competitive global media market. Quantel's post production systems deliver the quality, resolution and performance post houses need to capture high margin, high value work.


About Snell

Snell is a world leader in enabling broadcasters and media organizations to process and manage their valuable media content. Snell's expertise empowers customers to achieve greater efficiencies and increase revenue while delivering their content to multiple distribution platforms. Snell TV Everywhere and Live TV products bring tangible benefits throughout the production chain.


A Complete product range for Live TV, News, Sports, Post and TV Everywhere

Together Quantel and Snell provide optimised products, systems and services for the new media factory - a flexible, agile facility that creates, versions and delivers compelling content to a multi-platform world. Our vision is to eliminate barriers, to increase efficiency and to create an environment where creativity not complexity rules. It's all about enabling content creators and content owners to thrive in today's changing media market.


Innovative technology continues at the heart of what we do. IP, Virtualization, 4K, Software as a Service, Media Biometrics - they are all part of what we're doing today and will be even more so in future. But it's not all about the technology; it's about enabling you to tell and deliver compelling stories to the multiplicity of audiences out there today.


Truly international

Quantel's headquarters and R&D facility are based in Newbury, UK, where the company was founded more than 40 years ago at the dawn of the digital television age. In the intervening years, Quantel has been responsible for a number of major technological breakthroughs, including the first viable digital effects system, the first digital paint system (Paintbox), the first digital compositor (Harry) and the first online digital editor (Henry). Today the company employs around 550 people, and operates sales and support subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and throughout mainland Europe.


Highest Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Quantel is EN ISO 9001 certified.


The Quantel product range

Our shortform brochure gives an overview of the extensive Quantel and Snell product range.