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QCare Contracts

QCare Engineer at workQuantel builds products to last and it backs them up, year after year. Quantel support has been recognised as the industry standard in Post and Broadcast for 30 years. At Quantel, we don't cut corners. We take single vendor responsibility for our products and software, so your problem is our problem. When you pick up the phone to talk to us, you are always talking to Quantel trained engineers at our 24/7 Support Center. this is the mission-critical heart of our customer support operation. It is staffed by experienced, highly trained engineers who have the knowledge and skills to quickly identify and solve problems and get your system back running at 100% very rapidly.


The sophisticated remote diagnostics built into Quantel systems often enable faults to be fixed over the telephone line. Spare parts are on hand in remote warehouses worldwide to provide Advanced Service Replacement parts to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. And if the problem can't be fixed remotely, then our worldwide dedicated field-based engineering teams can quickly be on site.



Standard Warranty

When you purchase any new Quantel system, we provide a standard 12 month warranty. It's free and it provides more care than many other manufacturers' schemes:

  • Replacement parts free of charge for one year (return to factory).
  • 9 to 5 (local time, Monday to Friday) phone, email, fax & remote diagnostic access to the Quantel Helpdesk or the local Customer Support office.
  • Access to Support Resources information via the web.
  • Current version 'fix' release revisions at no extra charge.
  • Web Chat online support including language translation.


QCare: "All of the services, all of the time"

We know that for our customers in Post and Broadcast, 'normal office hours' simply don't apply. At Quantel we understand your facility needs a fast, effective response, whatever the problem, whenever and wherever it happens. Time is money. That's why we offer you QCare - the new industry benchmark in support.



And just like our products, we are constantly improving and changing our services to better look after our customers. Our customers have asked us for new choices and new levels of support and so we are moving QCare forward with three new QCare products to replace the existing QCare package:-


Essential QCare

Essential QCare is the entry level package that delivers the fundamentals in a highly cost-effective bundle:

  • Access to Support Resources via the Web
  • Remote Diagnostic support
  • Access to the Help Desk 24/7
  • Advance Service Replacements (ASRs) weekdays local time 9am-5pm
  • Software patches (e.g. temporary fixes)
  • Software revisions (e.g. V5.1 rev1 to V5.1 rev2)

Standard QCare

Standard QCare provides an excellent range of support services, packaged at an attractive price:

  • Access to Support Resources via the Web
  • Remote Diagnostic Support
  • Access to the Help Desk 24/7
  • Advance Service Replacements (ASRs) weekdays local time 9am-5pm
  • On-site engineering visits when necessary weekdays local time 9am-5pm
  • Software patches
  • Software revisions
  • Software ‘in-Version’ feature releases (e.g. V5.0 to V5.1)


SoftCare is Quantel's support program for its software products which provides the customer with total peace of mind. SoftCare includes:

  • Software patches
  • Software Revisions
  • In-Version Software Releases
  • New Software Versions
  • Access to Support Resources via Web
  • Remote Diagnostic Support
  • 24/7 access to the Helpdesk.

We can also put together specially customized packages. For example, the provision of on-site spares, training for your engineers etc. - please contact us for details.