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New edition online Digital Factbook

dfbThere's a brand new online edition of the Fact Book and it's now got its very own website - digitalfactbook.tv. This new edition for 2015 has involved a review of every entry and the addition of many new ones, reflecting the continuing rapid rate of change in our industry, and in particular, the increasing adoption of web and IP technology.


Conceived as a reference resource for the television broadcast & post production industries, the Digital Fact Book puts more than 80 years of Quantel and Snell's combined experience in the digital world at your fingertips.


This new edition offers you a choice of ways to access that knowledge. If you know exactly what you're looking for, go in via the A-Z index or use Search for a broader set of references. Alternatively, use the 'portals' to read around a subject area.


The new online Digital Fact Book is very much a living thing and will be continually updated as new technologies and terminologies continue to emerge. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at dfb@quantel.com.


Visit the new online Digital Fact Book!