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Digital Factbook 20th Anniversary Edition

The team researching and writing the first edition of the Digital Fact Book back in 1987, when digital technology represented but occasional islands in the analog sea in which we all swam, could not possibly have imagined what our industry would look like today. Back then, digital was going to make the world so simple – fixing all our problems and making our lives easy.


But no one could have expected the explosion of choice that digital would bring, nor the unbelievable opportunities that have been brought about by new media channels, the internet and the mighty computer. This kind of explosion – perpetually driven yet further forward at breakneck speed by an endless stream of digital innovation – is exactly why we still need a Digital Fact Book. Today it’s all about digital content for the whole universe – a world where the knowledge and skills of the traditional ‘broadcasting’ community has cemented a fruitful union with the new wave of ‘all media’ IT-based professionals. The result is a truly converged digital world – which is why this edition has ‘converged media’ as its subheading.

So what will the next 20 years bring? The team that put this edition together has absolutely no idea – but my goodness we know it’s going to be good and we’re looking forward to it! What is certain is that we will continue to track its unfolding with further editions of the Digital Fact Book.


We hope you find the new edition a useful source of reference in this exciting converged world. As ever, we welcome any comments or additions – email us at dfb@quantel.com.


Bob Pank


Click on the link below to download the 20th Anniversary Edition Digital Fact Book


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